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I am a physical chemist working on the optical spectroscopy of molecules and colloidal particles in liquids (water, for example). I have recently developed a keen interest in combining this with microfluidics to control and observe the dynamics of such liquid systems. I like how modern technology (micro/nanofabrication, optoelectronics, advanced signal and image processing, modern computer chips) can be used to extract useful information from chemical, biological and environmental systems, especially when this is mediated by light (spectroscopy).

Our work may find applications in biomedical and environmental diagnostics and could also lead to new materials for application in solar energy or information technologies.


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Martinus Henricus Valentinus WERTS (b. 1972, Westerhoven, The Netherlands) is a tenured research fellow at CNRS and an adjunct professor in engineering sciences at Ecole normale supérieure de Rennes.

He studied chemistry at the University of Amsterdam, with M. Sc. work on single molecule spectroscopy carried out at ETH-Zürich (Switzerland). He obtained a doctorate from the University of Amsterdam for a thesis on the luminescence of rare-earth compounds in liquid and plastic media with applications in medical diagnostics and optoelectronics. After post-doctoral work in molecular electronics and nanotechnology at CEA-Saclay (France), he was appointed by CNRS as a research fellow in 2002.

Dr Werts has published over 45 papers in peer-reviewed international journals (4900 citations, H-index 31). He is a reviewer for a wide range of scientific journals, research organizations, and academic PhD and recruitment committees. He is a former Director of the Collège de Recherche Hubert Curien (interdisciplinary research institute of ENS Rennes) and has been member of several institutional councils. Through French, European and international grants he has developed scientific collaborations with labs in France, the UK, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Taiwan and India.

His present research interests evolve around custom-made nanoparticles, their behavior in aqueous and biological fluids, and their interaction with light. The intended applications are in health care, environmental monitoring and energy conversion. The team at the SATIE laboratory utilizes innovative microfluidics, optoelectronics and digital signal/image processing. At ENS Rennes, Dr Werts teaches thermodynamics, transport phenomena and photonics.

Contact Info

Martinus WERTS
Ecole normale supérieure de Rennes
lab. SATIE (CNRS UMR8029)
Campus de Ker Lann
F-35170 Bruz, France

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